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Poor Indoor Air Quality is a Health Risk

Indoor air quality is becoming increasingly important as people spend more time than ever before cooped up in their homes. Both residential and commercial environments are at risk for low indoor air quality in the sense that homeowners can struggle with allergens and corporate workplaces can have pollutants swirling around in the ventilation and ducts.

The reason that indoor air pollution, or poor indoor air quality, is so bad for you and your family to breathe in is that indoor air pollution is more concentrated than most kinds of outdoor air pollution, such as vehicle exhaust. Of particular concern is mold in residential settings and asbestos in commercial workplaces since these tend to be the top indoor air pollutants in each respective environment and cause a lot of problems for inhabitants.

Asbestos actually affects both residential and commercial inhabitants since it can be found in many paints, building materials, and floor tiles. That said, commercial settings are at higher risk for this kind of indoor air pollution. Radon and tobacco smoke are two other kinds of indoor air pollutants that are known carcinogens.

  • Indoor air can affect your health

  • Air quality can affect allergies and asthma

  • A home’s air quality deteriorates over time

  • Air vents should be cleaned every few years

Common air pollutants causing homeowners problems

Now that we’ve seen some of the more deadly kinds of air pollutants, what are some more common air pollutants that can nonetheless cause homeowners a lot of problems? Dust mites, mold, and the chemical byproducts of cooking and heating are huge contributors to poor indoor air quality. Space heaters and fireplaces can give off noxious fumes that hurt your indoor air quality. Artificial fireplaces can cause natural gas leaks and real fireplaces can cause issues with carbon monoxide in the home. Various nitrogen oxides can also be released into the home after cooking and heating.

So, now that you know some of the usual suspects in terms of indoor air pollution, let’s take a look at what can happen if you go too long between HVAC cleanings or fail to address the problem in time. Can indoor air pollutants actually get so bad that they harm the health of you and your family? If so, how bad can things actually get if you let, say, mold linger and proliferate for a few weeks longer?

The truth is that poor indoor air quality can cause a host of different negative symptoms and even worsen immune system disorders if left unaddressed. Coughing, fatigue, or worse could be right around the corner if allergens and other indoor air pollutants are left unchecked. Consider getting your HVAC system inspected and cleaned every 1-3 years for more peace of mind.

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